Indy Eleven Unveil New Uniforms

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I love it when a plan comes together!  On a gorgeous Indianapolis night at The Rathskeller (one of my favorite restaurants!), the Indy Eleven unveiled their uniforms for their 2014 inaugural season.

The selected uniforms are just one of many options that I designed for the upcoming season and these were my favorite of the bunch.  Some of the others (which I won’t show here as they may still be used in future seasons) are amazing but lack the true staying power and iconic look that the new uniforms have.


On all jerseys, a tonal checkerboard pattern runs in the body area (front and back) that calls out Indianapolis’ rich racing heritage and the Brickyard Battalion supporters group.  The sleeves are solid so to give a bit of an old school look instead of the entire jersey being checkerboard.  There are contrast cuffs on all 3 jerseys as well as a contrast stripe down the sleeve. The cuffs and stripes were both kept navy on the red intentionally to give a bolder look. Perhaps none of these elements alone are unique in the world of soccer but together they create a bold unique look for the Indy Eleven.

The Indy Eleven badge is over the player/fan’s heart, which I feel is an important symbolic location.  On the back neck the Indy Eleven wordmark is printed above the player name and number.  Speaking of the numbers, each features the circle/star from the civic flag and radial arched names.  They are set in the official team font, which is featured throughout the identity.

blue1 blue2

Diadora and the Indy Eleven staff did a terrific job making the design come to life.  The one addition that they made really put the jersey over the top.  Adding the contrast along the hem was a fantastic touch that really polishes off the jersey.

White will be the away jersey while blue or red will be primary.  How will they decide? You can vote at for your favorite and while there you can also preorder replica jerseys as well!  The winner will be the new home primary while the 2nd place finisher will be the 3rd jersey.