Carthage Athletics

Logo / Branding

In 2005 the NCAA made a new rule that any member schools with “abusive or hostile” names not be able host post season events. At the time the Kenosha, WI based Carthage Redmen were one of those schools.

As an alum, I was honored to be able to redesign the image of the school as they became the Red Men and Lady Reds. The name Red Men originally came from the original location of the school which was Carthage, IL. There, the high school mascot was known as the Blue Boys so the college formed a complimentary name. Over the years an association with Native American culture was formed.

The school’s academic symbol is a torch so that became a key focal point for the primary mark. Also a shield shape, which was in reference to the Carthage of the Roman Empire, was used throughout the identity. A custom font was developed to tie everything together. In an attempt to build a bridge to previous students, the original “C” was kept and put into a shield shape.