Indy Eleven Unveil New Uniforms

I love it when a plan comes together!  On a gorgeous Indianapolis night at The Rathskeller (one of my favorite restaurants!), the Indy Eleven unveiled their uniforms for their 2014 inaugural season.


The selected uniforms are just one of many options that I designed for the upcoming season and these were my favorite of the bunch.  Some of the others (which I won’t show here as they may still be used in future seasons) are amazing but lack the true staying power and iconic look that the new uniforms have.


On all jerseys, a tonal checkerboard pattern runs in the body area (front and back) that calls out Indianapolis’ rich racing heritage and the Brickyard Battalion supporters group.  The sleeves are solid so to give a bit of an old school look instead of the entire jersey being checkerboard.  There are contrast cuffs on all 3 jerseys as well as a contrast stripe down the sleeve. The cuffs and stripes were both kept navy on the red intentionally to give a bolder look. Perhaps none of these elements alone are unique in the world of soccer but together they create a bold unique look for the Indy Eleven.


The Indy Eleven badge is over the player/fan’s heart, which I feel is an important symbolic location.  On the back neck the Indy Eleven wordmark is printed above the player name and number.  Speaking of the numbers, each features the circle/star from the civic flag and radial arched names.  They are set in the official team font, which is featured throughout the identity.

blue1 blue2

Diadora and the Indy Eleven staff did a terrific job making the design come to life.  The one addition that they made really put the jersey over the top.  Adding the contrast along the hem was a fantastic touch that really polishes off the jersey.

White will be the away jersey while blue or red will be primary.  How will they decide? You can vote at for your favorite and while there you can also preorder replica jerseys as well!  The winner will be the new home primary while the 2nd place finisher will be the 3rd jersey.

Kristen + Patrick


My greatest collaboration!

On September 2nd my wife and I will celebrate 1 incredible year of marital bliss.  It’s been an amazing year and in honor of that I am posting the designs I did (with her art directing!) for our wedding invitations!  Enjoy!

Kipp Indy + PCGD

A different kind of collaboration…

My wife used to work for a great non-profit here in Indianapolis called Art With a Heart, which helps bring art to at risk youth in the Indianapolis area. Late last school year she asked me to come into her classes at Kipp Indy to talk to the 6-8th graders she taught. I talked about what I did for a living and showed them a potential job they could pursue in art/design.

After I gave a short speech talking about what I do everyday, how they could get started in a Graphic Design career, and answering some questions, I gave all the kids a project to work on. Using a blank basketball uniform and shoes, I asked them to create their own basketball team. It was amazing to see the imaginations the kids had!

For the most part most of the kids were rooting on the Pacers to beat the Heat later that night in the playoffs, but it was surprising to see the number of Bulls and Heat fans in Indianapolis. I’m sure Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose have a little to do with that.

Unfortunately, few finished in the small amount of time we had so I didn’t get to see many finished products. But many asked their teachers to work on them the next day. I asked them if they’d let me share some of their designs with the world and they overwhelmingly said yes! So here are a few of the designs from that day, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

NASL Adds 2

In honor of Oklahoma City and Jacksonville receiving expansion NASL franchises for 2015, I’m republishing the fake teams I developed for each city…enjoy!

OKC Soccer // Premier League
Oklahoma City had a team join the America League in 1982. T. Boone Pickens was the primary investor for the team and played a major roll in getting the team not only to the America League, but also to the Premier League by 1990. As his personal wealth grew, the team’s payroll grew with it and they’ve been able to bring some of the worlds best to Oklahoma City. Pickens sold his controlling share to the fans in 1996, which lead to a number of changes including a new logo and color changes. The team is now one the handful of teams in the league to be majority owned by the fans.

Oklahoma’s badge is based off a dream catcher from Native American culture, which plays a big roll in Oklahoma’s history. A old school soccer ball is the main element (used because it looked more like strings than a traditional ball) with 5 feathers hanging down which represent the 5 major supporters groups for OKC Soccer. The team’s colors are taken from the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.

The kits utilize diagonal pinstripes that start off close together and gets further apart as it goes down the jersey. The pattern continues on the socks. The primary kit is all maroon while the change is white/maroon/white. On the inside neck is the team’s song that is sung by the supporters after wins: DO YOU REALIZE? by OKC’s own Flaming Lips.

Jacksonville // America Two
The biggest city in the US (by land mass) had a team join the America League in 1946 and they are known as the Kingfish, a popular sport fish in Florida. The team was started because of the city’s growth after WWII in addition to a number of other city projects like a new City Hall and new public libraries.
The logo takes most of its inspiration from the city flag. The bottom half features a orange field with the letters JAX and number 46. The top half features a depiction of the Andrew Jackson statue in downtown Jacksonville with yellow and white rays behind the silhouette.

The primary kit mimics the crest with rays on the top half and orange at the bottom. The shorts are white and the socks are white as well with yellow and orange striped turnovers. The change kit features a bright yellow jersey, white shorts, and yellow socks.